Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mourabitoun Militia Lebanon 1982

I have decided this will be my first Lebanese militia. Just my thing as they started out with Sherman fireflies and staghounds with AEC turrets and lots of pickups and armed trucks. I have the AEC turret now I need to look at some Staghound options. I will start with some gun trucks  and take it from there.

Mourabitoun Militia with captured Lebanese Army M113/ZSU 23
Esci M113, Ace ZSU-23 and Liberation Figure.

I am going to need lots of drivers for the gun trucks. As there is nothing else available that will work I sculpted a driver .

Here it is painted up
Toyota BJ 40 for the militia with various weapons

More Technicals

Now working on a Zil truck and ZSU-2

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